Five Green cars we would like to see in India

Electric car is need of the hour. With growing concerns of pollution, scarcity of fuels, etc, electric car is soon going to be a necessity. Good news is that many renowned car manufacturers are already up for it. Indian giant Tata Motors is all set to launch its electric edition of Tata Nano. Leading names in cab arena like Uber and Ola are also interested in the idea. Above all, Telsa, the trendsetter in electric car world has already unveiled its Roadster. With so much buzz around the electric car, it seems a must for a hugely populated nation like India. In this context, the following seven cars are hugely anticipated to hit Indian roads very soon.


 Chevy Bolt EV

Chevy Bolt EV is one of the most desired electric cars that Indians want to hit their roads. The US manufacturer Chevrolet has made Chevy Bolt EV an explicit vehicle under the aegis of 266 pound feet of torque. Carrying a tag of around $36,000 it’s a perfect vehicle, keeping the preference over budget-friendly cars in mind of the Indians. The hatchback packs a 10.2 inch infotainment system that works perfect with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.


Hyundai Ioniq Electric

If you are interested in a car that would be a stunner to the eyes, the Hyundai Ioniq Electric should be your pick. Beautifully designed Hyundai Ioniq packs a significant 7-inch touch display, along with automatic air conditioner, and many other interesting specs. Once charged, the vehicle can run up to 124 miles. The budget is also quite under control at just $30,000. Traditional hybrid, electric car and plug-in hybrid are the three editions of the vehicle available in this segment.


BMW i3

This is another attention dragger in the list of electric cars Indians are waiting for. Naturally, being a BMW product, the car has been enriched with some extravagant features. Powered by its 170 horsepower engine, the car promises a great experience to its rider. The very stylish BMW i3 however costs only $42000, which makes it a suitable option for the Indians. It falls within the range if 114 miles.


Kia Soul EV

Kia Soul EV is also quite a good looking electric car perfectly suited for the Indian roads. Well, it may not match the above vehicles in terms of performance, falling only within 93 miles range. But, if comfort and style is your priority, Kia Soul EV can no doubt impress you. The car can accompany five people with utmost comfort. However, as mentioned above, it may not be as powerful as of the above mentioned cars generating just 109 HP. Coming to budget, the car costs $34,000 at present.


Tesla Model S

Telsa is termed as the pioneer in electric car segment. To be specific, its Model S is a commendable product in electric car segment. The car is as beautiful as powerful it is. It can be claimed that Model S is the most prominent electric car at present. It can cover a whooping 335 miles with a single charge. Interestingly, the car has been tagged at $70,000, which indeed looks quite lucrative for a buyer, considering its flamboyant features.


Bathurst harbour: An amazing wilderness that time forgot

First we would like to thank Karen Gowlette-Holmes, it was because of her we could throw light on this mysterious place in Tasmania. The study and research that Karen conducted has made it possible for us to believe that nature truly has her own plans.


Bathurst Harbour is a geological masterpiece if you may call it. You will at the end of this blog, is a landlocked rectangular water body that has two distinct layers of fresh and sea water. The fresh water being blood red in color. Yes, you read it right, the color of the water is “blood red“.

To add to the mystery, you will find the rarest deep sea creatures and the world’s oldest living plant, Kings Holly (Lomatatia tasmanica) here. To our amazement, we found out that the water channel is only 10 meters deep. Then how on earth did deep sea creatures flourish in the harbor?

Tasman Conocladus Australis
Tasman Fab Sarcoptilus Grandis
Tasman Tosia Australis

What is going on in Bathurst Harbour?

There are many factors that have contributed to the splendors of this area. First of all we will solve the mystery of why the color of the water is red?

The red pigmentation of the harbour water is attributed to heavy rainfalls, topography of the surrounding areas, westerlies winds and a grass called the “button grass”.

As the harbour is located in the south western part of the island, it receives heavy rainfalls on the wind ward side of the hills obstructing the westerlies. The rain then collects in a rain soaked wetland below. The water does not percolate below the surface because the topography is full of quartzite.  Quartzite is an extremely hard rock because of which the water stands still or runs off to the harbour during heavy rains. While the water stands for long periods of time, the button grass flourishes and decomposes to release tannin. Tannin is a reddish pigment that you generally find in tea. The water from the wetland runs off to the water body giving it the red color.

As a result, the harbour water underneath the fresh water recieves less or no sunlight. The seawater below the fresh water supports sea creatures, but not that you find generally. What you will find here are deep sea creatures. In a recent exploration, a diver found sea spiders. These have been said to be found of depths of about 200 ft. The fact that the harbour is only 10 meter deep make it a mysterious place. Another factor contributing to this phenomenon is that the channel water is still. Seawater does not create any movement in the harbour as it is land locked. Deep sea creatures love these sort of conditions, less sunlight, low oxygen and still water.

We guess, that we have given enough evidence to support our explanation on why Bathrust Harbour is a wonderland?

Baffling discoveries at Gobekli Tepe rewrite History books with blood

It’s called Gobekli Tepe — “Potbelly Hill” — and some archaeologists believe it contains the ruins of the first place of worship or even sacrifice. Some pillars and artifacts found in the region dates back several thousand years, even before the Stonehenge was erected.

There have been radical theories about the purpose of the structures. But what archaeologists are not debating on is the age of these mounds. Built around 9,000 BC and covered in dirt by 8,000 BC, the site baffles even the most knowledgeable scholars.

The consensual thought is that humans from the hunting gathering stage started a civilized society and to appease the gods, created these ceremonial mound. Before covering it with dirt, or because of natural reasons people and animals got buried in it. Well, if it is confirmed that it is a ceremonial place, then we might have stumbled upon the first temple that humans ever built.

Lady of elche- A Puzzling Artifact Of An Unknown Queen Or Priestess

The Lady of Elche, also known as Lady of Elx, is a limestone figurine of a woman’s head found at a private estate at La Alcudia, few kilometers south of Elche, Spain.

Video credits: fundacionalcudia

This Iberian relic is debated to have been made in the early 4th century BC, although the artistry suggests strong Hellenistic influences. It is one of the most puzzling sculptures in the world as its origin is unknown.

The Chronicles of Geography Essay Examples

The Downside Risk of Geography Essay Examples

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The Fundamentals of Geography Essay Examples Revealed

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Life After Geography Essay Examples

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The Way to Write a Song

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How to Make a Change in Mexico

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An introduction to the Stone Labyrinths of Bolshoi Zayatsky Island

The stone labyrinths of Bolshoi Zayatsky Island are a group of 13 or 14 mysterious labyrinths on Bolshoi Zayatsky Island, one of the Solovetsky Islands in Arkhangelsk Oblast, Russia. In the absence of standard archaeological research, a group of scholars from St. Petersberg theorize that the labyrinths are about 2600 years old, according to their orientation, it has been concluded that these labyrinths were constructed for rituals. But the real purpose may not be known as our understanding is severely paralyzed because of passage of time and no transfer of knowledge.