Tuesday, September 28

How to change a desert into a forest?

Have you ever met someone who has done something extraordinary in his life?

Well, we have someone really special to talk about today!

This is the story of Jaydev Peyeng also called “The Forrest Man”. Let me tell you his story from the beginning. Jaydev is a small farmer who has been living in Majuli in Assam since the 1970s. Majuli happens to be the largest river island in the world. He has a family of five and he lives in a modest home.

One day realized that trees were dying on this small island are dying. The river was flooding. The animals were fleeing and the land was disappearing. He saw deforestation. But instead of doing nothing, this farmer did something very simple. He planted a tree every day. He cut a branch from his trees walked for 20 minutes then took a boat to cross a river and walked for two hours more to get to an empty piece of land with nothing in it and planted a tree.

You will be amazed to know that for the past 40 years he has been repeating the same thing again and again and today that barren piece of land has been transformed into a beautiful forest.

The Forest is estimated to be larger than Central Park NYC. Meraculously, as the fauna, has returned to the island and due to the dispersion of seeds to the ground by various animals, the forest is growing each day. You see, he’s created a self-sustaining ecosystem.

One day this farmer was discovered by the local media and he turned into a sensation. People in his country call him “Forest man of India”. Presidents of various countries have given him awards and accolades, organizations invite him to speak on afforestation, and most of all he is trying to write a book on how to change a barren land into a beautiful forest.

His story is truly inspirational and one that will be shared with generations to come. How a simple man did extraordinary things.

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