Tuesday, September 28

The environment will survive, we won’t!

The idea that we need to protect this planet itself is a convoluted idea because it is not because of us that the planet is there it is because of the planet we are there. Even to think that the planet needs us to survive and we are the ones who are responsible to save it is a completely wrong notion because our presence on earth is just an outcrop of this planet, whatever we see, hear, feel or touch is being governed by a cosmic balance. We do not control that balance. We have nothing that we can do to alter it. Thus, humans have to realize that it is harmonizing with this cosmic balance is what we should aim at.

The planet is for all of us and we cannot exist here by ourselves.

Worlds oldest Rainforest, Daintree-Australia

Our existence here is not because of our economic activity right now. We are made to believe it is because of the percentages of growth that’s happening in this world that we are able to survive. But definitely that isn’t the case. We will live well here only if everything is green, beautiful, water is flowing, the air is pure and this idea has to go into every human being’s mind, into every citizen’s mind, and into every child’s mind.

We must always be conscious of life other than human life too!

We do not realize how the tiniest of insects like a honeybee can make a huge difference on this vast planet. We need to understand the intricacies of this complex relationship and acknowledge it. Every breathe that we take has been exhaled from another human or an animal. Everything that we see is a product of the grand scheme and we are just pawns.

Just consider one example, If tomorrow all the oxygen in the atmosphere disappears and humans have to produce oxygen to survive, do you think we will be able to do it long enough? The most important things in life are free, we just do not acknowledge that. We might never face the consequences of our actions but the generations to come will definitely curse us for not understanding the value of these precious relationships.

The only transactions that we should acknowledge are the ones that justify our existence. If we cannot build a better planet, then leave it as it is. We have to become a part of it, or else like any other thing that is not required, we will be discarded.

And it is not a matter of how it is when?

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